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Camp BGen Salipada K Pendatun, Parang, Maguindanao — Police Brigadier General Manuel M Abu, Regional Director, PRO BAR graced the Opening Ceremony of PNP Basic Internal Security Operation Course "Class KASINTALAB" held at PRO BAR Grandstand, Camp BGen Salipada K Pendatun, Parang, Maguindanao today July 22, 2020.
In his message, Police Brigadier General Abu challenged the said new breed of police officers to take the training seriously and give their best in order to be fully equipped and highly trained police officers.
“This course would complete your honing process, It also designed to prepare all of you to fight the insurgents and well enhance the police capability to respond and resolve any critical situation” said by PBGen Abu.
Further, PBGen Abu reminds all PRO BAR personnel about their sworn duties. "You are expected to serve and protect people and enforce the laws of the land without fear or favor. You are in charge to look after the general welfare of the public and ensure that peace and order is maintain at all times and act as protector of the weak and defender of the innocent" PBGen Abu said.
Meanwhile, this course which runs for 60 days is the revision of the 45-days Special Counter-Insurgency Operation Unit Training or SCOUT. This will be facilitated by the Regional Special Training Unit of Bangsamoro Autonomous Region. The training provides the new cops with the knowledge, attitude, skills and values that make them more capable and skilled once they get assigned to the public safety forces.