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Camp BGen Salipada K Pendatun, PARANG, MAGUINDANAO—POLICE GENERAL ARCHIE FRANCISCO GAMBOA, Chief Philippine National Police on Tuesday, June 23, 2020 visits Police Regional Office Bangsamoro Autonomous Region.
During the visit, PNP chief, Gamboa conducted facility tour on the ongoing construction of PRO BAR Multi-purpose Building and Tee House and led the Blessing and Inauguration Ceremony of the newly renovated RHQ Admin Building and the newly constructed Tennis Court inside camp.
The CPNP along with the top officials from National Headquarters; PMGEN REYNALDO G BIAY, Director for Personnel and Records Management and PBGEN MARNI MARCOS JR, Director for Comptrollership together with PBGEN Manuel Abu, Regional Director PRO BAR awarded the outstanding PRO BAR personnel in recognition of their exceptional performance of police functions.
Medalya ng Kagalingan to PLTCOL THOMAS PANTALEON JR and 11 others for meritorious services rendered during the conduct of Anti-Criminality operations in Lanao Del Sur;
Medalya ng Kagalingan to PCPT ADRIAN SEVILLA and 12 others for meritorious conduct of hot pursuit operation in Lanao Del Sur;
Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting to PCpl Yhamier Salana for being wounded in action when an armed suspect fired upon PRO BAR personnel who were responding a call for police assistance;
Medalya ng Papuri to PMAJ ARTURO RIVERA and 11 others for successful service of warrant against the TOP 9 Most Wated Person in a municipal in ZSPPO- PRO 9 conducted at DOS Maguindanao.
Medalya ng Ugnayang Pampulisya to PCOL MADZGANI MUKARAM for the best practice of Rolling Stores in Lanao Del Sur.
The said awarding ceremony was followed by a Command Conference discussing issues and concerns of PRO BAR. ####