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The PSBRC BART Class 2019-02 batch ’Salinlahi ng Mandirigmang Magigiting’’ (SANDIRIGMA) closing ceremony was successfully celebrated with PBGEN Manuel Manalo Abu, Regional Director, PRO BAR as Guest of Honor and Speaker, held at the grounds of Camp Bgen Salipada K Pendatun, Parang, Maguindanao on May 1, 2020.
The Four Hundred Seventy Six (476) graduates submitted to the rules of Social Distancing and the limits of Public Gatherings. In the midst of the ongoing pandemic brought by COVID-19, the said graduation ceremony was also celebrated strictly with the personnel of the Philippine National Police Training Institute (PNPTI) of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region Training Center (BARTC) and some key personnel of PNP PRO BAR. Families and friends of the graduates were not advised to join the said ceremony due to the adherence of PNP PRO BAR to the limits of public gatherings for COVID-19. The said batch also hasn’t been able to go outside since the Pandemic started to safeguard them from the threats of COVID-19.
PBGEN Abu congratulated the ‘’Sandirigma’’ batch for their completion and extended his gratitude for the adjustments they made for this modified graduation. And in his speech as we quote; ‘’ This closing ceremony brings beginnings more than endings. This completion is a reminder that our life goes on no matter how circumstances forces us to change. Today the sun shall set carrying a new beginning. We may be facing a great challenge this generation has ever faced in the form of COVID-19, yet we fondly hope, we fervently pray that this too shall pass.
This graduation may be different from how you started it. We may lack the presence of your family, you skip having them today and you have no one from them to share the pride and honor you are having because of this graduation, but simply think of it this way; This is your first gesture of following strict rules. ‘’ ####