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The Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region adheres to the firm commitment of the Philippine National Police (PNP) to continue monitoring the peace and order situation in Sulu after a huge return of Former Violent Extremists who formally surrendered to the folds of law during the Balik Loob Program of the Provincial Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program (ECLIP) at Provincial Gymnasium of Sulu on a Saturday, July 30, 2022.
Despite this breakthrough, PRO BAR, under the leadership of PBGEN ARTHUR R CABALONA, binds its commitment to continue the job in maintaining peace and order and further use this momentum to sustain its gains.
PBGEN Cabalona assures that PRO BAR will not waver in this commitment and will continue the fight against criminality and terrorism throughout the region.
"We are determined to address issues of criminality and terrorism in the Bangsamoro Region towards the attainment of a peaceful and prosperous community. With that, we are calling the other ASG members and lawless groups to lay down their arms, return to the fold of the law, cooperate with the government, and live peacefully with their families and live a normal and peaceful life."
With the continuous peace and security campaign of PRO BAR together with the Sulu Provincial Peace and Order Council, with the active support of various sectors and civil society groups, and with the positive impact brought by this huge surrender, PRO BAR is beyond committed to sustain this breakthrough that is headed towards solidifying this gain for a peaceful and progressive Bangsamoro Region.