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Lanao del Sur - Joint operating units of Phillippine Drug Enforcement Group Special Operations Unit (PDEG SOU), with the support from PDEG-SOU10, Maguing MPS, PIU, PDEU Lanao del Sur Provincial Police Office, and 5th IB Bravo Coy, PA destroyed Php12,000,000.00 worth of Marijuana and discovered five (5) units of high-powered firearms at Barangay Bato Bato, Maguing, Lanao del Sur on July 27, 2022.
Report disclosed that more or less three (3) hectares with 60,000 hills of fully grown Marijuana plantation were uprooted and destroyed on-site by the operatives. The identity of the cultivator is yet to be determined and nowhere to be found.
Further, the said anti-illegal drug operation also yielded loose firearms after the operatives discovered and recovered five (5) high-powered firearms, assorted ammunition, and explosives from the advanced post near the plantation allegedly owned by those who are securing the marijuana plantation.
The recovered items were: M417 .50 Caliber (BARRETT) Sniper Rifle with Serial No. 582863 with attached long-range scope (SIK 24x50 AOL); .50 caliber Rifle (homemade) without Serial Number; Baby AK47 Rifle (Folding Stock); M16A1 (ELISCO) Rifle with defaced Serial Number; M203 Rifle with Serial No. 27413; four (4) rounds of 40mm ammunition; Six (6) rounds of Rifle Grenade; 90 rounds of .62x39mm rounds; one (1) round of .50 caliber ammunition; 20 rounds 5.56mm ammunition; three (3) pieces of magazine assembly for an AK47 rifle; one (1) piece of magazine assembly for an M16 rifle (20rds cap); and one (1) piece magazine assembly for M417 rifle.
The recovered firearms were turned over to the custody of PDEG SOU BAR for proper disposition while the specimen of Marijuana plants were further submitted to PNP Forensic Unit for Examination.
PRO BAR Regional Director CABALONA lauded the operatives in Lanao Del Sur under the leadership of Provincial Director PCOL Jibin Bongcayao for the continues achievements in the fight against illegal drugs.