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Police Brigadier General Arthur R Cabalona's first 100 days covering February 3 to May 13, 2022 as Regional Director focused on his guiding principles known as “Panuntunan ni ARTHUR”: Apolitical; Relentless fight against illegal drugs; Transparent financial management; Hardline campaign against all forms of criminality; Unity-driven leadership; and Resolute on instituting discipline, decorum, and distinction.
Being an apolitical organization, PRO BAR was able to achieve a generally secure, accurate, free, and fair national and local elections 2022, reducing incidents to 46 from 93 during the 2016 National Presidential Polls.
In PRO BAR's relentless operations against illegal drugs, 206 drug personalities were arrested and a total of 464.50 grams of Shabu with a standard drug price of PHP 3,158,650.32 were confiscated. Also, 500 grams of marijuana worth Php 27,500.00 were seized.
In its hardline campaign against all forms of criminality, PRO BAR conducted 999 law enforcement operations that resulted in the arrest of 617 law violators including 11 most wanted persons. 279 loose firearms, including 30 high powered firearms, were recovered during the intensified campaign against loose firearms. Further, reported crime incidents decreased from 737 to 571 incidents. Data comparison shows that 22.5% of crime incidents decreased from February 3 to May 13, 2022 when compared to the same period the previous year.
The leadership of PBGen Cabalona further focused on Unity Driven leadership wherein the best practices and programs with the active participation of the community were implemented, such as tree planting activities, clean up drives, seminars for women entrepreneurs, the re-launching of the Duterte legacy, securing the Holy Week for the Christian communities and the Celebration of Ramadhan for Muslim communities.
The 100 days of PBGen Cabalona as PRO BAR Regional Director were filled with different activities that improved the administrative and operational consistency and the competence of the PRO BAR. Meanwhile, PBGen Cabalona assures the public that under his leadership, PRO BAR is committed to deliver excellent public safety services that are honest, strong-willed, and with a heart in order to have a safe, peaceful, and secure Bangsamoro region.