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Panamao, Sulu- Joint elements of PDEA SULU BARMM, SULU PPO PIU, Panamao MPS, 1st and 2nd PMFC, RIU IX, NICA IX, MBLT7, G2, 4MBDE and 4MCIC, MCIBN conducted law enforcement operation (Buy-bust) and seized Php 693, 000.00 worth of suspected shabu on May 17, 2022 at Barangay Lower Patibulan, Panamao, Sulu.
2 High-Valued Targets identified as Belyamer Ejan alias "Bel" and Ben Ejan alias "Rids" were successfully arrested together with their cohorts identified as Dasimir Samudi alias "Das" and Jimboy Muhalim alias "Jimboy".
Report disclosed that the said operation resulted to the arrest of suspects after peddling to a poseur buyer a one (1) piece of a heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing suspected shabu weighing 50grams with SDP Php 340,000.00.
Seized from the suspects' possessions were another Three (3) pieces of heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing suspected shabu weighing 52 grams with SDP Php 353,000.00; drug paraphernalia; and 1 pc genuine Php 1,000.00 peso bill placed on topmost of 49 pcs photocopied P1,000 peso bill to appear as supposed payment of Php 50,000 rolled in a rubber band.
The arrested personalities were informed of their constitutional rights and are now detained in Jolo MPS while the pieces of evidence are in the custody of Sulu Provincial Forensic Unit for proper disposition.
PRO BAR will continue its fight against illegal drugs and will heighten its efforts in combating all forms of criminality in this region.