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Parang, Maguindanao- PRO BAR operatives successfully arrested 18 law breakers during the regionwide 1 day SACLEO on April 30, 2022 that includes 4 wanted persons, 4 drug personalities, and 10 gambling law violators.
The 4 drug personalities were arrested in the Province of Basilan and Cotabato City during an anti-illegal drug operations that further resulted to the confiscation of 1.661 grams of shabu with a standard drug price of Php 5,050.00.
During the implementation of LOI Manhunt Charlie, 4 wanted persons were arrested in Cotabato City and in the Provinces of Maguindanao and Basilan.
Also, 10 individuals were arrested during an anti-Illegal gambling operation conducted in the Provinces of Lanao del Sur and Tawi-Tawi that further resulted to the confiscation of gambling paraphernalia and bet money worth of Php 3, 719.00.
Other accomplishment during the conduct of the said SACLEO were the recovery of 21 loose firearms and confiscation of 150 board feet lumber.
The arrested individuals and confiscated pieces of evidence were brought to the respective police stations for documentation and proper disposition.
PRO BAR's intensification of its campaign against all forms of criminalities were being maximized to ensure the stability of peace and order of the entire region for the conduct of SAFE National and Local Election (NLE) 2022.