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Parang, Maguindanao - PRO BAR strongly condemns the IED explosion that transpired inside a Rural Bus Tours along the National Highway in Brgy Making, Parang, Maguindanao, on April 24, 2022 (Sunday) at 6:40 AM, that resulted to the wounding of four (4) passengers.
"We strongly condemn this inhumane act that brought fear to the peace loving community of Parang, Maguindanao." PBGen Arthur R Cabalona, Regional Director, PRO BAR, said.
Reports from Maguindanao PPO disclosed that 23 passengers were about to disembark from the Gensan-Dipolog City bound Rural Bus Tours with body no. 10738 at Niño Eatery for breakfast when an IED exploded inside the back portion of the said bus.
The PNP immediately secured, cordoned, and processed the crime scene wherein another IED was discovered and was successfully disrupted by the PNP EODT.
Meanwhile, the 4 injured victims were immediately brought to the nearest hospital. 2 were already discharge while the other 2 victims were brought to Cotabato Regional and Medical Center and are now in a stable condition. Other passengers were properly evacuated and secured by the PNP responding team.
PBGEN CABALONA directed PCol Jibin M Bongcayao, Provincial Director, Maguindanao PPO, to conduct thorough investigation including the review of CCTVs for possible identification of the person behind the said IED explosion. A passenger who disembark at the Parang Terminal a few hundred meters before the place of explosion is now considered a Person of Interest(POI). Cartographic Sketch of said POI is already disseminated to other units.
Further, the Regional Director directed all PNP units to heightened its security measures especially in the main thoroughfares, terminals, and places of convergence.