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The strict implementation of the campaign against Loose Firearms of the PNP and AFP resulted in a massive voluntary surrender from the Local Barangay officials of Talitay, Maguindanao in support to the government's program against loose firearms in preparation for the National and Local Elections 2022.
Through the concerted efforts of the PNP, AFP, and the Local Government Units on April 21, 2022 around 9:00 in the morning at Municipal Satellite Office, Brgy. Kuden, Talitay, Maguindanao 15 different types of firearms were voluntarily surrendered, that includes: two (2) 7.62 MM M14 US Rifle, one (1) M79 US Grenade Launcher, one (1) locally made 60 MM Mortar Tube, one (1) locally made RPG, one (1) locally made cal. 50 Barret Rifle, two (2) cal. .45 pistol, one (1) KJ9 pistol, one (1) cal. .38 pistol, one (1) Magnum 357 pistol, and four (4) locally made 12 gauge shotgun.
Vice Mayor Mohamidin S. Monica of Talitay, together with the 9 other Barangay Chairmans of Talitay Municipality served as representatives for the said activity in support to the attainment of a secure, accurate, free and fair NLE 2022 elections.
PGEN Arthur R Cabalona, Regional Director, PRO BAR, expressed his appreciation for the solid support and commitment of the LGU and the AFP for this undertaking. He also promotes among the stakeholders of PRO BAR to continue to foster the essential need for solid cooperation to attain the peaceful, honest, and orderly conduct of the National and Local Election (NLE) 2022.