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In line with the hardline campaign against any forms of criminalities, joint elements of RIU 15, 1402nd RMFC 14, CIDG-RFU, BAR, PIU, Maguindanao PPO, Shariff Aguak MPS, 41st SAC, SAF, and 40IB, PA conducted service of warrant of arrest against the suspect of Maguindanao Massacre around 12:00NN of April 20, 2022 in Sitio Damalibi, Brgy. Satan, Shariff Aguak, Maguindanao.
Reports disclosed that upon sensing the arrival of the operating units to serve the warrant of arrest, the suspect and his cohort/s allegedly fired upon the operating team using high powered firearms which ensued into a firefight that resulted to the neutralization of the target suspect and wounding of one civilian, a resident of the said place, while the two (2) other cohorts had escaped.
The target suspect was identified as Surin K Mentang, a resident of Brgy. Meta, Datu Unsay, Maguindanao and one of the suspects of Maguindanao Massacre with criminal case no. Q-09-162148-72, Q-09-162216-31, and Q-10-162652-66 for Murder (56 counts) issued by the Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 221, Quezon City.
Mr Mentang and the wounded civilian were immediately rushed to IPHO
Maguindanao for medical treatment however, the suspect was declared dead on arrival by the attending physician while the wounded civilian was treated and was released the same day.
Recovered from Mentang's possessions were one (1) unit of Norinco, cal. 45
pistol with one (1) long inserted magazine loaded with four (4) unfired ammunition and three (3) fired cartridge cases of cal. 45.
Seized and recovered pieces of evidence were now in the custody of
Shariff Aguak MPS for documentation while the firearm details was sent to
Regional Civil Security Unit-BAR for verification. Further, the identities and probable case against the cohorts who were able to escape are still being investigated.
PBGEN CABALONA, Regional Director, PRO BAR, lauded the operating troops for a job well done. PRO BAR will continue to intensify its manhunt operations and anti-criminality campaign to ensure that the streets and communities will be safe for all.