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LANAO DEL SUR - Armed with warrant of arrest, joint personnel of PDEU/PSOG LDSPPO; NBI ILDO; and 1st PMFC, LDSPPO in coordination with 84th SAC, RDB SAF and WAO MPS conducted an Intel driven operation that resulted to the neutralization of a leader of the Gandawali Criminal Gang at Purok 5, Barangay Pilintangan, Wao, Lanao Del Sur on April 13, 2022.
Lanao Del Sur PPO identified the CG Leader as William Comayog Gandawali, male, incumbent Barangay Chairman, former Mayor of Tagoloan II, Lanao Del Norte, the Top 7 Most Wanted Person of Kapai MPS, and the alleged leader of Gandawali Criminal Gang, a group involved in illegal drug activities, and had a standing warrant of arrest for violation of RA 10591 (Comprehensive Laws on Firearms and Ammunition).
Investigation conducted revealed that Gandawali and his group were involved and responsible for the ambush and the killing of five (5) PDEA Agents at Brgy. Malna, Kapai, Lanao Del Sur last October 2018.
Report from Wao MPS further disclosed that while the operating units were approaching Gandawali's residence, he fired upon the operating troops using M16 rifle which ensued in a firefight that resulted to the gunshot injuries of the suspect and wounding of Patrolman Raul Asilum from the operating units.
Injured suspect and wounded operating troop were immediately brought to Wao District Hospital for medical treatment but the former was declared Dead on Arrival by the attending physician.
The operating team were able to recover the following pieces of evidence: One (1) unit cal. M79 grenade launcher; One (1) unit M16A1 caliber 5.56mm elisco with serial No. KP224369; One (1) unit two-way radio color red; One (1) unit white keypad Samsung phone; several 5.56 mm live ammunition; two (2) pieces of 40mm grenade launcher ammunition; and other pieces of evidence.
The recovered pieces of evidence were brought to Wao MPS for proper disposition while the cadaver of the neutralized suspect was claimed by his immediate family for Muslim burial rights.
Meanwhile, the Regional Director lauded the operating units for their relentless efforts against wanted person. He reiterates that PRO BAR will continue cleaning the streets from criminals in the Bangsamoro region.