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PRO BAR, under the supervision of PBGEN ARTHUR R CABALONA, Regional Director, is committed to eliminate all forms of criminality through the intensified implementation of police intelligence and anti- terrorism strategy.
Joint intensified intelligence driven operation of Indanan Municipal Police Station together with law enforcers of Zamboanga City Intelligence Team (ZCIT), RIU 9, PNP-IG (lead Unit), Sulu PIT RIU 9, CTG PNP IG, RID PRO BAR, PIU SULU PPO, and PNP SAF FIID-SIU SIT 9 resulted to the successful surrender of two (2) members of Abu Sayaff Group (ASG) last April 10, 2022 at Brgy. Kandang Tukay, Indanan, Sulu.
The surrenderees turned over one (1) unit of 9mm caliber with defaced serial number and magazine loaded with five (5) rounds of ammunition which was now under the custody of Sulu Provincial Forensic Unit (SPFU) for ballistic examinations and proper safe keeping.
Accordingly, the two (2) subject personalities were involved in several armed encounters which instigated the death of some government troops in an encounter with the Philippine Marines in Patikul, Sulu last 2016 and in Brgy. Budwis, Panamao, Sulu in 2018. Further, their encounters with the law enforcers also led to the death of some of their members and kidnapped victims.
PBGEN CABALONA commended the determination of the law enforcement units for their continuous campaign against criminality and terrorism thru peaceful means by encouraging former members, supporters, and sympathizers of Local Terrorist Groups (LTG) to lay down their arms and return to the folds of law. Surrenderees were now under the protection of Zamboanga City Intelligence Team for proper debriefing.