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PRO BAR- With the continuous intensified implementation of Manhunt Charlie, elements of Parang MPS led by PLTCOL JOSEPH D MACATANGAY, COP, 1402nd RMFC, RMFB 14, RIU 15, RID PRO BAR, and Arakan MPS, North Cotabato PPO successfully arrested the Top no. 7 most wanted person of North Cotabato PPO on April 11, 2022 at the landing fish area of Talisay Brgy. Poblacion 2, Parang Maguindanao.
The suspect was identified as Reynaldo Elbero Millan alyas Jimboy Emok, 55 years old, male, married, and a resident of Talisay Brgy. Poblacion 1, Parang, Maguindanao.
He was wanted by virtue of Warrant of Arrest for Violation of Article 248 Revised Penal Code (Murder) issued by the Acting Presiding Judge, RTC Branch 17, Kidapawan City, North Cotabato issued on February 15, 2022.
The arrested person was properly informed of his constitutional rights in a dialect understood by him and informed the cause of his arrest but opted to remain silent in the absence of his chosen counsel.
The said suspect was now brought to Parang MPS for documentation and subsequently turned over to the personnel of Arakan MPS for proper disposition.
The Regional Director, PBGEN ARTHUR R CABALONA, lauded the unwavering efforts of the operating units for accounting and arrest of this wanted person.