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Joint PNP-LGU RONDA, under the supervision of PCOL ROMMEL L JAVIER, City Director, CCPO, while conducting mobile patrolling/ronda around Cotabato City, spotted a certain "Ahmad", 37 years old, male, married, a former member of PNP and a resident of Malagapas, Rosary Heights 10, Cotabato City, who suspiciously attempting to open a roll-up door of My Hooman & Me Pet Shop along Notre Dame Avenue, Poblacion 4, Cotabato City, around 1:15 AM of March 15, 2022.
"Ahmad" was frisked after a brief chase and siezed in his possession were PNP pixelized uniform, a set of PNP athletic uniform, and an altered plate number placed inside his red backpack.
Upon further verification and background investigation, suspect was found out to have entered the PNP service in the year 2008. However, he was dismissed due to failure of completion of the Field Training Program, a prerequisite training course of Public Safety Basic Recruit Course of the PNP.
Further, "Ahmad" was also allegedly the suspect of a robbery that transpired at the Kambal Bakery located along Poblacion 1 St. of Cotabato City sometime in the year 2021.
Said suspect was brought to Police Station 1 with his white Nissan Almera with altered plate number LAG 5995 for further investigation and filing of formal complaint for the crime of Attempted Robbery and Usurpation of Authority.
Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region informs the public of the ruling of Article 179 of the Revised Penal Code (RA 3815) which penalizes "any person who shall publicly and improperly make use of insignia, uniforms, or dress pertaining to an office not held by such person or to a class or persons of which he or she is not a member.” PRO BAR strictly warns any civilians or unauthorized persons who will be caught wearing police uniforms that they will face charges and will be dealt with accordingly.