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The strict implementation on the Campaign against Loose Firearms of Sitangkai Municipal Police Station, Tawi-Tawi, PRO BAR resulted in a massive turn out of civilian surrenderers of firearms on February 22, 2022.
A successful consultative meeting with all Barangay Chairpersons in the said area transpired in Sitangkai Municipal Hall last February 8, 2022. Thru the initiative of Sitangkai MPS and the strong collaboration and support from LGUs as well as other PNP Units and the Philippine Marines in the area, 10 individuals surrendered their firearms in the presence of Hon. Mayor TIBLAN C AHAJA & Party.
The Surrendered firearms were four (4) caliber 30 Winchester Garand Rifle, one (1) cal. 7.62 M14 Winchester rifle, one (1) caliber 5.56 Colt M16 Rifle, one (1) caliber 5.56 M16 A1 Elisco Rifle, one (1) caliber .45 ARMSCOR, one (1) caliber .45 1911 Remington, one (1) cal .45, 1911 Colt, and one (1) cal 9mm Para Bellum. All surrendered firearms were serviceable and are now under the custody of Sitangkai MPS for proper disposition prior turnover to Provincial Office.
Ahead of the 2022 elections, PRO BAR already rendered an aggressive campaign against loose firearms and intensified its accounting of all unregistered guns in the region. This was meant to ensure that loose guns will not be used as instruments to sow violence in 2022 polls.
PBGEN Arthur R Cabalona, Regional Director PRO BAR, expresses his appreciation for the solid support that the LGU has shown through this undertaking. He also promotes among the stakeholders of PRO BAR to continually foster the essential need for solid and sustainable cooperation to attain the peaceful, honest, and orderly conduct of National and Local Election (NLE) 2022.