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     PRO BAR intensified operations against loose firearms in preparation for the 2022 National and Local Elections yielded further success as 5 loose firearms were seized and 3 individuals were arrested during a joint law enforcement operations conducted by personnel of RMFB 14, RID-RSOG, and Maguindanao PPO at Brgy. Biarong, South Upi, Maguindanao around 9:00 AM of November 11, 2021.
      Based on the report from South Upi Municipal Police Station, operating personnel were about to serve the warrant of arrest against Nashro Wahab Omar, accused for a crime of Frustrated Murder, at the residential house of Basit Kamid in Barangay Biarong, upon arrival thereat, subject wanted person eluded the arrest, however, three (3) individuals present and seen in possession of several firearms at the said house were arrested when no legal documents for the firearms were provided to the operating personnel for verification.
       South Upi Municipal Police Station identified the arrested suspects as Basit U. Kamid, Asrad O. Sultan and Tulondatu A. Omar who were caught in possession of the following confiscated several unlicensed firearms and ammunition: One (1) unit 5.56mm Bushmaster Rifle; One (1) unit M16 A1 Rifle; One (1) unit caliber 9MM Pistol with 2 magazines; One (1) unit caliber .45 Taurus Pistol with 2 magazines; One (1) unit caliber .45 Armscor Pistol, Eight (😎 M16 Magazines; and several assorted ammunition.
      The arrested individuals were placed under the custody of South Upi MPS and will be charged for violation of Republic Act No.10591 (Comprehensive Firearms and Ammunition Regulation Act).
PBGen Eden T Ugale, Regional Director, PRO BAR lauds the operating units and reiterates that PRO BAR is determined to intensify its operations against wanted persons, and loose firearms.
      “PRO BAR forces and units are poised for tougher and more coordinated operations against wanted persons and owners of loose firearms who are potential perpetrators of election-related violence for the upcoming 2022 National and Local Elections or who could possibly end up as private armed groups or security escorts of political candidates”. PBGEN Ugale said.