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      In preparation to the National and Local Election 2022, PRO BAR aggressive stance against wanted persons and loose firearms yielded further success, as 2 wanted persons were arrested and several firearms were confiscated during the joint manhunt and operation against loose firearms of Lanao del Sur PPO personnel together with personnel of 103rd SAC, SAF and RIU 15, IG on November 8, 2021.
      Report from Masiu Municipal Police Station identified the arrested wanted persons as Dimatingki Masbod alias “H. Ali”, wanted for the crime of three (3) counts of rape, and his wife Cayamona Diamla alias “H. Aliah”, wanted for the crime of Kidnapping and Serious Illegal Detention. Warrant of Arrest of the duo was issued by the Presiding Judge of 12th Judicial Region, RTC Branch 9, City of Marawi with NO BAIL bond recommended, on March 2021.
       Accordingly, weeks prior to the execution of the successful operation, relatives of the victim coordinated with the operatives of Lanao del Sur PPO for the possible arrest of the aforementioned wanted persons.
The operation further resulted to the confiscation of unlicensed firearms and ammunition from Dimatingki Masbod alias “H. Ali” who was caught in flagrante delicto in possession and control of the following: one unit M14 7.62 rifle; one unit KG 9 UZI cal. 9mm; one unit cal. 45 pistol; one unit of caliber .22 pistol; and several ammunition of different caliber.
        “As part of our early preparation for a peaceful and orderly conduct of NLE 2022, PRO BAR will remain aggressive against wanted persons and loose firearms for this might be used as instruments to sow violence in the next year’s election” PBGen Eden T Ugale, Regional Director, PRO BAR said.
        Further, PBGen Ugale commends the successful and aggressive police operations of Lanao del Sur PPO which targeted unregistered and unlicensed firearms in the hands of threat groups and criminals elements.