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            As PRO BAR starts its preparation to ensure the orderly and peaceful 2022 election, the collaborated efforts of RIU 15, RID, PRO BAR, PIU, and Maguindanao PPO ushered the successful negotiation to Potential Private Armed Groups of Brgy. Sambulawan, Datu Salibo Maguindanao identified as the ABC Group.

            The ABC Group is a DI Listed active PPAG, as of June 30, 2021, led by Abdulwaris Guinomla Zailon and two other members identified as Rahib Paguilidan Salim, 34, years old, resident of Barangay Pusaw, Shariff Saydona, Mustapha, Maguindanao and a certain a.k.a. Combo.

            Out of their eagerness to surrender and clear their names in the DI-List of PPAGs and also giving their locality a better peace and order for this coming 2022 election, they also surrendered their firearms: a. One Colt Cal .45 pistol with SN 384438 with two live ammunition; b. One Caliber .38 revolver with two live ammunitions; and c. One improvised homemade pistol revolver with six 5.56mm live ammunition and SN 527805.

            Further, 5 members of Local Terrorist Group operating in SPMS Box in Maguindanao province identified as a.k.a Rambo, a.k.a Mistah, a.k.a Yobi, and a.k.a Binladen - all members of BIFF under Commander Mohiden Animbang a.k.a Karialan, peacefully surrender after realizing that they are fighting an unending and pointless battle against government security forces.

            With them are two M79 Grenade Launchers without a serial number; one M79 GL with three live ammunition; one RPG with one live ammunition; and one IED fashioned with 81mm mortar.

           Their surrender is the result of a collaborative effort of RIU15, RID, PROBAR, PIU, Maguindanao PPO, 1ST Mechanized Bn, 1st Mechanized Bde, PA; CIDG-RFU BAR; 1402ND RMFC; and RMFB 14, PRO BAR.

            PRO BAR is seriously working to address the Potential Private Armed Groups and Local Terrorist Groups in the Bangsamoro Region for the attainment of a peaceful and orderly 2022 election. Hence, PRO BAR bolstered its efforts that resulted in successful and peaceful surrender from these lawless groups. PBGEN Eden T Ugale, RD, PRO BAR, encourage other DI-Listed PPAGs and Local Terrorist Groups to surrender to the government and live peacefully in the community.