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       PBGEN EDEN T UGALE, Regional Director, PRO BAR lauds the operating units of Police Regional Autonomous Region for the successful arrest of a CAFGU member together with his wife, allegedly selling firearms, during an entrapment operation conducted in the afternoon of October 1,2021 at Brgy Manion, Parang, Maguindanao.

       The joint personnel of RSOG PROBAR acted as lead unit, Sultan Domalondong MPS, PIU-Maguindanao, and 1404th RMFC conducted the said entrapment operation that resulted in the arrest of the suspect identified as Akay T. Awa, 50 years old, a Cafgu Member, and his wife Arbaya Ali Awa, 44 years old, both residents of Brgy Manion, Parang, Maguindanao and confiscation from their actual and constructive possession during operation of the following:

  1. One M16 Rifle, one magazine with 9 ammo;
  2. One Cal45 Pistol, one magazine with 3 ammo;
  3. Two M14 Rifle, one magazine with 10 ammo; and
  4. Php280,000.00 boodle money; and
  5. ID of the suspects.

       Suspects and confiscated evidence were turned over to Parang MPS for proper disposition and filling of appropriate charges.