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By the virtue of multiple Warrants of Arrest a wanted person by the name of Haim Macarambon Masbod, aka "Haim", was arrested in Brgy Mable, Malabang, Lanao del Sur on September 21, 2021, by the joint operatives of Malabang MPS, 2nd PMFC, LSPPO, and MBLT-5.
In continuing manhunt operations of the Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region against wanted criminals, the joint operatives launched an intel-driven manhunt operation, that resulted in the arrest of the suspect cited for participating in the ambush of the Mayor of Pantao-Ragat, Lanao Del Norte sometime in May 2018.
Aka HAIM has been a fugitive criminal with Criminal Case Nos. 20-24302, 20-24303, and 20-24304 for Murder; Criminal Case Nos. 20-24306, 20-24307, 20-24308 for Frustrated Murder; and Criminal Case Nos. 20-24309 for Attempted Murder issued on 17th day of Sept 2021.
The continuing manhunt operations of PRO BAR have gained positive results that favorably contributed to the decline of crimes within the Bangsamoro Region. PRO BARs untiring commitment to curb all forms of criminality in the region will continuously maximize every potential and effort and will remain relentless in this campaign that navigates towards lasting peace for the Bangsamoro Region.###