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            LANAO DEL SUR – Suspected drug personality arrested in buy-bust operations at Barangay East Basak, Marawi City on Monday evening.

            Report from Marawi City Police Station disclosed that at about 8:00 PM of September 6, 2021, operatives of Marawi City Police Station conducted Anti-Illegal Drug Operations (buy-bust) which resulted to the confiscation of suspected shabu weighing more or less 60 grams with an estimated market value of Four Hundred Eight Thousand Pesos(Php 408,000.00) and arrest of suspect identified as Mersad Sarip Maunga alias Ayona Datu/Mersad, 41 years old, married, construction worker, and resident of Barangay East Basak, Marawi City. Said operation was successfully conducted with the aid of the Joint Peace and Security Team (JPST) in Lanao Del Sur.

            After documentation, inventory, and marking of evidence on the site of operation, the arrested suspect including the confiscated pieces of evidence were brought to Marawi City Police Station for thorough investigation and proper disposition. The arrested suspect was properly informed of his constitutional rights in a dialect understood by him.

            PRO BAR Regional Director, Police Brigadier General Eden T UGale, lauds the operating unit and reiterates that PRO BAR is determined in eradicating illegal drugs in the Bangsamoro region. The relentless fight against illegal drugs of PRO BAR remains firm.

            The Regional Director also appreciates the support of the JPST in helping PRO BAR in this war against illegal drugs. He further encourages this act of willingness from the populace of the Bangsamoro region to continue the support given to the PNP to put behind bars those involved in this detestable activity.