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          Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, under the leadership of PBGEN Eden T Ugale, Regional Director, launched the region-wide Simultaneous Anti-Criminality Law Enforcement (SACLEO) starting June 28, 2021. Citing initial reports from PRO BAR's Provincial and City Police Offices, the 1-day relentless SACLEO in prime cities and municipalities across BAR yielded a very promising result with initial reports on the arrest of 23 Wanted Persons including 2 of the Top Most Wanted Person of Barira Maguindanao and Misamis Oriental.

            Further, PRO BAR scores big on its anti-illegal drug campaign with a total of 28 Buy-Bust operations and arrest of High Valued individuals. The simultaneous Buy-Bust operation of the PRO yielded a total of PHP 484, 000 worth of Shabu, all in just a day of buy-bust operations, while the operations against Loose Firearms bring forth 10 confiscations of unlicensed firearms.

            SACLEO is the new term for the ‘’One Time Big Time’’, an all-out police operation against drug personalities, most wanted persons, and bearers of loose firearms among others. It gained positive results that favorably contributed to the decline of crimes within the Bangsamoro Region. PBGEN Eden T Ugale, RD, PRO BAR, assures the public of the PROs' untiring commitment to curb all forms of criminality in the region. He stressed that PRO BAR continuously maximizes its potential and efforts and will remain relentless in this campaign that navigates towards lasting peace for the Bangsamoro Region.