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           Manhunt operation launched by joint elements of RSOG of PRO BAR and  Barira MPS, PRO BAR resulted in the neutralization of the father and son wanted personalities identified as MACAPOLI N. SULAY, TOP-6 MWP of Barira MPS, and CAGRO T. SULAY, a TOP-7 listed MWP of Barira MPS around 5:40 AM of June 28, 2021, at Sitio Dam, Brgy. Gadung, Barira, Maguindanao.

            Re Sulays were subjects of a Warrant of Arrest for the crime of ROBBERY issued on 29th April 2016 by the Regional Trial Court, 12th Judicial Region, Branch 13, Cotabato City.

            Investigation disclosed that police operatives received reports from PNP informants that the suspects were believed to be in hiding at Sitio Dam, Brgy. Gadung, Barira, Maguindanao. Immediately, joint personnel of RSOG and Barira MPS conducted the said manhunt operation and successfully served the warrant of arrest. The suspects are now under the custody of Barira Municipal Police Station for documentation and proper disposition.

            PRO BAR's war against criminality has been successful due to the region's relentless implementation of anti-criminality law enforcement operations. This is the result of concerted Intel-driven operations and diligent efforts of all police units of PRO BAR to arrest all lawless elements in the region.