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           Counter Terrorist Operation of Special Action Force (SAF) of Police Regional Office BAR and Light Reaction Regiment (LRR) of Philippine ARMY implements the warrant of arrest against Mujir Sawadjaan aka Commander Injam, that resulted to the neutralization of the suspects High Valued cohorts, post-midnight of June 13, 2021 at Upper Alat, Brgy Alat, Jolo, Sulu.

            The said personalities were identified as notorious ASG-KFRG members operating at Jolo, Sulu. According to PBGEN Eden T Ugale, RD, PRO BAR, police records identifies the suspect INJAM YADDAH-PSR (KIA), Listed 1st Sem 2021, as a Notorious ASG-KFRG Subleader involved in kidnapping of various foreign nationals. Latest of which is kidnapping of Rex Triplett in Sirawai, Zamboanga Sibugay on September 2020 and five (5) Indonesian Nationals in sea waters of Malaysia on January 2020 who were later rescued in Tawi-tawi.

            On the other hand, AL-AL SAWADJAAN- PSR (KIA), Listed 1st Sem 2021, is a Brother of infamous Mundi SAWADJAAN and a volunteer suicide bomber and IED bomb maker. While RAUF/RAUP (KIA) is a DI/ASG member under YADDAH brothers. Another killed in action is still subject for profiling.

            The wife of Injam Yadah, identified as Jenalyn  Habibi Jairi  @Jhing, who was also included in the Warrant of Arrest was successfully arrested during the operation.

            Initial reports disclosed that upon entry of the troops at the target area, the said personalities initiated a firefight where troops from 3LRC and LRR, PA retaliated. The said firefight led to the deaths of the four (4) members, one (1) arrested, and the rescue of Three (3) children of Injam Yadah.  

            The following explosive devices and ammunition were recovered at the area: a. One (1) M16A1 w/ ammunitions b. One cal. 45 w/ ammunitions c. IED components d. 1 cellphone e. one (1) Red Honda XRM f. detonating cords and g. blasting cap.

            No casualties reported on the Government side, while the cadavers of the neutralized ASGs were later brought to 11th ID for processing and proper disposition.  

            PBGEN EDEN T UGALE, RD, PRO BAR, quickly commended the operating units for the effective execution of this counter-terrorisms operation. He added that these notorious Abu Sayaff members could have brought enormous destruction to the province. Their neutralization is surely another achievement especially for the people of Sulu. He reiterates to further intensify the campaign of PRO BAR against domestic threat groups and terrorist organizations, particularly the Abu Sayaff Group and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighter (BIFF) of Maguindanao.