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           Joint operating units of CIDG RFU BAR, PRO BAR Operatives, Maritime Group, and 6IB Phil. Army implemented an "Oplan Paglalansag OMEGA" and "Oplan Salikop" through the simultaneous implementation of 3 Search Warrants on April 14, 2020 (5:30 AM) in Brgy. Butilen and Brgy. Sambulawan both of Datu Salibo, Maguindanao against Marcos Manunggal and Datumantot Manunggal both for violation of R.A no. 10591 and Jayvee Mastura for violation of R.A no. 9516.

           Marcos Manunggal, ex-barangay chairman of Brgy. Tee, Datu Salibo Maguindanao, was neutralized during the said operation when he apparently fired upon the operating troops who were serving the search warrant. Accordingly the suspect sensed the presence of the operating troops and fired upon at them prompting the operating troops to retaliate causing Manunggal’s death.

            Further, Datumanot Manunggal of Brgy. Sambulawan, Datu Salibo and another subject identified as Jaybee Mastura were able to take advantage of the ongoing firefight and successfully escaped the operatives.

           However, four (4) individuals (2 males & 2 females) were arrested for illegal possession of firearms found inside the residence of Jaybee Mastura.

            Confiscated items inside residence of MARCOS MANUNGGAL, also known as Dragon, were the following: 1. One(1) shotgun SN. Deface; 2. Four (4)live ammunition 12 gauge; 3. One (1) Bar SN Deface; 4. Four (4) magazine for BAR; 5. FIifty (50) live ammunition .30 cal; 6. Thirty five (35) M1 Garrand Clip; 7. Nine (9) Carbine Magazine; 8. Twelve (12) Empty Shell of .50 cal; 9. Three (3) ammo box; and 10. One (1) green Magazine pouch.

            Confiscated at JAYBEE MASTURA's residence, also known as Abu Naim were the followin: (1) winnchester M14 SN 1206446; 2. One (1) Winchester M14 SN 200691; 3. One (1) Elisco M16 SN RP 137303; 4. One (1) cal. 45 SN 846291; 5. one (1) BRB423 Fragmentation granade; 6. Thirty (30)rounds 5.56 ammunition; 7. Three (3) rounds .45 ammunition; 8. One (1) Magazine M14 Rifle; (1) Magazine M16 Rifle; 10. One (1) Magazine .45 pistol; 11. One (1) magazine black pouch; 12. One (1) magazine pouch yellow; and 13. One (1) samsung box A20.

            Further details disclosed that, MARCOS MANUNGGAL and Datumanot Manunggal were members of the "Manunggal Group" (DI-unlisted) together with his eight (8) other members. Said group is a notorious group responsible in the distribution of drugs in the area and were also involved in Gun Running, Gun for Hire Activities, and extortion. Jaybee Mastura, aka Abu Naem/Naim, was involved in various bombing activities in North and South Cotabato to Saranggani province and became the SOG Team Leader of the DI-Turaife Group.

            Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region, under the new leadership of PBGEN Eden T Ugale, Regional Director, assures the public that these lawless individuals will be dealt with accordingly. PRO BAR will intensify its crackdown against illegal firearms with an aim to curtail the criminal capabilities of lawless elements in the Bangsamoro Region. Also, PRO BAR adheres to the directives of C,PNP PGen. Debold M Sinas to ensure the public’s safety by taking away loose firearms in the hands of criminal elements, threat groups, and unauthorized individuals.