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          Joint elements of Maluso MPS led by PMAJ TADZHABEL I MANAGOLA - ACOP and 2nd BPMFC, rescued 13 alleged Trafficking in Person (TIP) victims in Maluso, Basilan.         

             Investigation disclosed that the suspect identified as Mahmud S. Wahi, 26 years old, married resident of Upper Porthholland, Maluso, Basilan was accordingly instructed by his aunt whose from Zamboanga City to fetch the 13 alleged TIPs and bring them at a certain Beach Resort at Sitio Gaunan Asibih, Brgy. South Gaunan, Maluso, Basilan. Accordingly, the alleged victims were just having a beach trip at the said resort. However, statements coming from the victims disclosed that their passports are currently in the possession of the unidentified Aunt of Mahmud S. Wahi and that they were set to travel from Zamboanga to Malaysia for work.

          Suspected Facilitator Mahmud S. Wahi was successfully arrested and now under the custody of Maluso MPS. The victims were also currently under the custody of Maluso MPS and will be turned over to MIACAT.

          Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region fully meets the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking in the region. PRO BAR continued to demonstrate serious and sustained efforts and contributes to the sustainable development goals in the campaign against Human Trafficking.