At about 8:30 AM of March 20, 2021, elements of Languyan MPS received a call from Barangay Captain of Kalupag, Municipality that there were survivor victims of sea mishap along the shore of Brgy Kalupag, Languyan, Tawi-Tawi.

            Immediately, personnel from Languyan MPS led by PLT ALDIN J NURHUSSIN and personnel from PMFC headed by PLTCOL ALSHARIFF J GALBON proceeded to the area to verify the veracity of the report.

           Upon arrival at the area, elements of Tandubas MPS and members of MBLT6 were already in the aforesaid area. Immediately, the team conducted proper coordination to Marine Battalion Landing Team-6 under Lt. Col Venjie Pendon. Initial investigation revealed that there were presence of 3 ASG/KFRG and 1 kidnap victim in the area. Subsequently, at around 7:55 PM of same day, operating elements headed by MBLT6 together with Languyan MPS, Tandubas MPS, and personnel of PMFC encountered the group of ASG/KFRG Sulu based sub-leader Majan Sahidjuan aka APOH MIKE.

          Upon sensing the approaching government troops, the said ASG member fired upon the troops which forced the team to retaliate and resulted to the severe wounding of Majan Sahidjuan aka APOH MIKE and later on resulted to the death of the subject while the rest were able to escaped bringing along the kidnap victim.

            On March 21, 2021 around 6:45 AM the Indonesian National Kidnap victim was successfully rescued through a Hot Pursuit operation/ Search and Rescue Operation conducted by the Joint Task Force Tawi-Tawi.

           Police Regional Office of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region is taking an integral role in the archipelagoes of BASULTA in sustaining peace and order and to secure the citizenry and their properties. PRO BAR have been generally successful in conducting police operations that leads to neutralization and arrest of key KFRG/ASG members and help in clearing communities from insurgent influence and infiltration.