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            Joint Operating Units of RID, PRO BAR-Lead Unit, CIDG RFU-BAR, RSOG PRO BAR, PNP SAF, Balabagan MPS, and MBLT5 served warrant of arrest at Brgy., Barurao, Balabagan, Lanao del Sur around 3:30AM of February 18, 2021 for the crime of murder against SARAO MANGADANG, Top 1 Most Wanted Person in Balabagan MPS, by virtue of Warrant of Arrest for MURDER with Criminal Case No. 12-652 issued by Presiding Judge of 12th Judicial Region, Branch 12, Malabang, Lanao del Sur dated October 11, 2010 with NO BAIL BOND recommended.

          The said operation resulted to an armed confrontation that led to the death of Sarao Mangandang after he resisted the arrest. Further, the operating units also arrested a certain Akrudin Mangadang and three (3) unidentified male factors. Confiscated in their possession and control were: a. One (1) cal. 5.56mm (M16) loaded with one (1) magazine with ammunitions; and b. One (1) cal. 7.62mm (M14).

          Arrested suspects and confiscated evidences were brought to CIDG-RFU BAR office as the lead unit for proper disposition. Meanwhile, the cadaver of Sarao Mangadang was claimed by his immediate family for Muslim burial rites.

          PBGEN Samuel P Rodriguez, RD, PRO BAR said that an on-going manhunt operation on all persons sought by law is continuously undertaken by PRO BAR police. This is a result of the continued implementation of LOI ‘’Manhunt Charlie’’ against all wanted persons in the country.