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           Parang, Maguindanao - Police Brigadier General Samuel P Rodriguez, Regional Director, PRO BAR spearheads the Send-off Ceremony of Class 2020-02 (SANDAKILA CLASS) on February 15, 2021 at Camp BGen Salipada K Pendatun, Parang, Maguindanao.

            The 199 police trainees will be involved in actual experience and assignment in patrol, traffic, and investigation works as a requirement for the permanency of their appointment. The program shall be for 12 months inclusive of the basic recruit course for patrolman and patrolwoman.

            Regional Director Rodriguez challenged them to perform their duties with integrity, honesty, and dedication. The strict adherence to the programs of the PNP leadership is emphasized to the 199 FTPs and that they should abide and comply with the implementing rules of the PNP.

            ‘’The knowledge and learning’s that will be imparted to you by your trainers and mentors will serve as your guide as you commence delivering your services to the people. After this training, you are all required to prove to us that you are indeed ready to do your part in our mandate to uphold peace. Do your best and work to ensure the safety of our people and deliver the peace and progress that they deserve. ‘’ the Regional Director said.

            The Field Training Program (FTP) for Police Trainee is designed to equip the new breed of cops with the knowledge, attitude, skills, and values that will make them more capable and skilled to function as a solo beat officer at the conclusion of their training cycle.