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            In the area of Datu Blah Sinsuat, Maguindanao, a Private Armed Group known as the Datu Tha Sinsuat, associated in smuggling, illegal drug trade and sale of firearms activities; surrender to PRO BAR authorities on February 10, 2021.

            The leader of the group, Datu Norudin Sinsuat a.k.a Datu Tha, leads his 3 other members identified as the following;

  1. Thong Usman;
  2. Amil Sla; and
  3. Esmael Mohamad.

            With them are their corresponding firearms to wit:

  1. 1 piece M16 Cal 5.56 with SN 9048286;
  2. 1 piece Elisco Baby Armalite with defaced serial number;
  3. 1 piece improvised M79 w/o serial number;
  4. 1 piece Garand Rifle w/o SN;
  5. 57 pieces of 5.56 cartridges;
  6. 3 pieces 7.62 cartridges;
  7. 4 pcs Grenade Launcher/ M79 cartridges;
  8. 3 pieces 5.56 mag short; and
  9. 1 piece 5.56 magazine long.

            Among their committed criminal activities as mentioned, only murder case was properly filed for Datu Norudin Sinsuat a.k.a Datu Tha and Warrant of Arrest with Criminal Case Number 2010-3908 for the crime of Murder issued by Judge Bansawan Z. Ibrahim, Branch 14, RTC 12, Cotabato City. However, this case was already dismissed.

            The surrenderees will be reintegrated to their respective community and will be closely monitored with the help of the Local Government Unit of Datu Blah Sinsuat. They will be under close monitoring to make sure that they will continue to respect the law and the peace and order efforts of the government.

            PBGen Samuel P Rodriguez, RD, PRO BAR lauds the group for their decision to surrender. It is a welcoming development in the peace and progress of the Bangsamoro Region. He continues to call upon all those who remain under Private Armed Groups in the Bangsamoro region to finally abandon the armed struggle. The PRO BAR forces is more than willing to support their decision towards peace and progress.