On February 6, 2021 at Sitio., Landing, Brgy. Buayan, Datu Piang, Maguindanao, joint elements of CIDG RFU BAR, 6IB Philippine Army, MIG12, ISAFP, 901B, 6MIB, 12ISU, RIU15, RID PRO BAR, successfully stewarded the Voluntary Surrender of 11 BIFF breakaway members of Karialan Faction with their corresponding firearms to wit: 1. DATUNINO B. EBRAHIM, @DATS-One (1) M16 RIFLE ( BB) 2. MOHIDIN M.KUSAIN- @ BAPA-One (1) Automatic Rifle Bar. 3. MEHAD M GUIAMANDAL @MIGUEL- One (1) M16 Rifle. 4. JIAD S EBRAHIM- One (1) M16 Rifle. 5. JIAMIL S EBRAHIM @MIKKY-One (1) M14 Rifle. 6. GAPORKE K DAMADA @ GAPLOY-One (1) Barret Rifle. 7. INDAL M DAMADA-@QUINDAL -One (1) 30M1 Garand Rifle 8. HAMUDI E.AMIL @OLONG -One (1) M16 Rifle. 9. KALIM S ZUCAMEN @ QLEMS- One (1) M79 Rifle. 10. Wari D. Damada @WAR- One (1) M14 Rifle. 11. AUSAIN S SANSAWA@IMBA- One (1) Muzil Rifle.

            This group led by Datu Nino Ebrahim revealed that they laid down their firearms and surrendered to the folds of the government to peacefully deny their involvement in the recent atrocities that transpired at Datu Piang, Maguindanao. Wherein, among the One Hundred Thirty Four (134) respondents of Datu Piang Harassment, Datu Nino Ebrahim was identified as one of the 134 BIFFs.

               The SITG Datu Piang of PRO BAR with CIDG RFU-BAR as lead investigation unit, had filed charges for the violation of RA 11479 (Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020), Multiple Frustrated Murder and Destructive Arson against the 134 respondents.

              PBGEN Samuel P Rodriguez, Regional Director, PRO BAR lauds this peaceful conduct of Oplan Paglalansag Omega and Oplan Salikop. He expressed that this accomplishment is the byproduct of PRO BAR efforts to appeal to the lawless elements such as BIFF group to peacefully lay down their arms and submit themselves to the government.

             There were already seven cases of successful voluntary surrenders from the infamous BIFF that were recorded since October 2020 up to date. This only shows that PRO BAR's recent efforts for its anti-terrorism campaign have been successful.