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          MAGUINDANAO - Fourteen (14) personalities voluntarily surrendered their (14) fourteen firearms to the Pagalungan Municipal Peace and Order Council headed by Mayor Salik P Mamasabulod together with 602nd Brigade, Philippine Army held at Municipal Hall, Barangay Poblacion, Pagalungan, Maguindanao on December 23, 2020.

          The report of Pagalungan Municipal Police Station revealed that the surrendered firearms were as follows; One (1) M16A1 Caliber rifle with Serial Number (SN): MM A15L919653; One (1) M16 (Baby Armalite) with SN: RP197469;  One (1) M14 rifle with SN: 238713; One (1) shotgun manufacture rifle 2GA-2 chamber proof; Five (5) Garand rifles with SN: 446517, 652891, 3181696, two (2) without serial number ; and Five (5) Carbine with SN: 1015571, 475021, 1953191, 5212797, and one (1) without serial number.

          The identities of the fourteen personalities were withheld for security reasons and were properly turned over to their respective Barangay Officials in the said town.

          The surrenderees of these loose firearms were included in the government’s campaign against loose firearms and Balik Baril Program.

          As member of the Peace and Order Council, police in all municipalities are relentless in rendering unwavering support to the Local Government Units in the implementation of its programs on peace and development.

          PRO BAR units and offices are directed to continually conduct police operations targeting unregistered and without licensed firearms as well as firearms with expired licenses within the region.

          Regional Director, PRO BAR PBGen Samuel P Rodriguez calls for private individuals, and local officials, who have unlicensed firearms or with expired license to surrender their firearms, otherwise, case build-up operation will be conducted upon them. He also urges all police units of PRO BAR to be proactive and step-up its campaign against loose firearms.