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        Police Regional Office conducts showdown inspection on the logistical capability and personnel preparedness in anticipation to the Turn- Over of Cotabato City to BARMM on December 15, 2020 to include the upcoming holiday season.

         On December 11, 2020 at about 4:30 PM, PRO BAR conducts accounting of personnel and inspection of logistical issuance to assess the preparedness and capability of the Bangsamoro police.

            The Regional Mobile Force Battalion 14 also joins the inspection; a display of their crew-served weapons and their issued vehicles were also displayed in the parade ground of PRO BAR Grandstand.

         PRO BAR as being under the operational supervision of Department of Interior and Local Government, the same department that readies the transfer of Cotabato City to BARMM will adhere to its directive to ensure the safety and security of Cotabato City during the said transfer.

         A full alert status was reiterated to all PNP Units within the Bangsamoro Region, with a Standby Reactionary Force that shall be readily deployed should the need arises.

             The leadership of PRO BAR appeals to the public to cooperate to their police while they safeguard the peace and security of Cotabato City. Rest assured that PRO BAR will exhaust every possible means and resources to secure the safety of the Bangsamoro people especially this holiday season.