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       Initial investigation conducted disclosed that at around 8:30 PM of December 3, 2020 personnel of Datu Piang MPS received information that the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighter, under the group of a certain Sala and Commander Karialang, would harass Datu Piang Municipal Hall and Sta. Ana Teresita Catholic Church of Datu Piang, Maguindanao.

       Upon receipt of such information, Datu Piang MPS immediately conducted target hardening measures in the area. While conducting patrol operation within the vicinity, they prepositioned themselves at the back of the church around 9:15 PM of same date. They had a sudden engagement with the enemy, yet they held the line until reinforcing elements from 34th IB PA, 6TH IB, PA and RMFB14 arrived at 12:30 AM of December 4, 2020.

       Packed with newly issued long firearms Datu Piang MPS personnel fought with vigor and for 3 hours held their position before the reinforcement came.

       Although the BIFF group managed to set fire the police vehicle parked 50 meters away from the church, still there were no other recorded damages from other buildings of the Municipal Office of Datu Piang and Sta. Teresita Church.

      ‘’This is such an appalling incident, but the boosted firepower we have provided to our lower units has helped a lot in this scenario. Definitely, PRO BAR is on top of everything and this event will be taken care of accordingly. Rest assured that we will pursue these individuals; we are now closely working with our men on the ground for necessary actions.’’- PBGEN Samuel P Rodriguez, RD, PRO BAR. ###