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TAWI-TAWI – Top 2 Most Wanted Person and two (2) other drug personalities arrested at Simunul, Tawi –Tawi.

            Tawi-Tawi Police Provincial Office disclosed that Simunul Municipal Police Station received reports from concerned citizen regarding the presence of three (3) drug personalities at Barangay Mongkay, Simunul, Tawi -Tawi. After validation and confirmation of the said report, Simunul MPS conducted briefing and tactical planning for a police operation and possible arrest of the subject drug personalities.

            During the conduct of the said police operation, PEMS Masba Malante, who was in civilian attire, was struck by a blunt object in the head and fell down to the ground. The suspect, identified as Shaladin A Indin a.k.a. "Burug" and "Tong", grabbed the police officer’s issued firearm, ran toward the shoreline, and escaped.

            However, in that struggle PEMS Malante was able to grab a sling bag which contained illegal drugs and other items.

            Through the cooperation and support of the constituents of Barangay Mongkay, the whereabouts of Shaladin A Indin was located by the operating PNP personnel at an abandoned and isolated stilt house situated along the shore of Barangay Mongkay, Simunul, Tawi Tawi.

            At around 2:00 a.m. of December 2, 2020, Simunul MPS initiated a peaceful strategy which led the suspect, Shaladin A Indin, to surrender to the police authorities without firing a single shot. Confiscated items from him, were six (6) pieces heat sealed small cellophane sachet and 37 pieces of heat sealed transparent yellow and green plastic straws all containing white crystalline substance suspected to be shabu with an estimated total weight of 7 grams and a street value of Php 47, 000.00, Php 1,674.00 cash money, two (2) cellular phones, two (2) disposable lighters, one (1) solar power bank charger with cord, and other items. The 9mm pistol Beretta was also retrieved as he threw it to the ground prior to his surrender.

            Upon arrest, Shaladin A. Indin revealed that his cohort, Jojo Arasad, is the same person who is the subject for monitoring and surveillance and the Top 2 Most Wanted Person in Sibutu Municipality with a standing warrant of arrest for violation of RA 9165.

            At around 10:00 a.m. of same date, Jojo Arasad and alias Alex were successfully captured through follow up operations of Simunul Municipal Police Station.

            PBGEN Samuel P Rodriguez, RD, PRO BAR, with approbation, lauds this successful conduct of anti-illegal drug operations of Simunul MPS. He appreciates the active cooperation of the community. Truly, the realization of the goal to eradicate the multi-faceted problem brought by illegal drugs will only be possible if the PNP continues to win the support of the citizens of the Bangsamoro region.