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          BONGAO, Tawi-Tawi - Around 10:15 PM of November 9, 2020, elements of Bongao MPS led by Police Captain Al-Sharief Nur B Hassan, OIC Bongao MPS, conducted Anti-Illegal Drugs Buy-Bust Operation at the vicinity of Brgy. Lamion, Bongao, Tawi-Tawi against notorious drug pushers BINNA NURHUSSIN and cohort.

          Said operation resulted to the arrest of ERICA MOHAMMAD for violation of R.A. 9165, however, NURHUSSIN managed to escape to unknown direction. Apparently, NURHUSSIN was previously arrested by this station for the same violation last 2019 and entered into Plea-Bargaining for lesser offense.

          Seized items from the possession and control of the suspects were: a. One (1) pc heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet of suspected shabu, with estimated weight 2.5g and DDB value P17,000. (Purchased item); b. Buy-Bust money consisting of one (1) pc Two Hundred Peso (P200) paper bill (Registered Buy-Bust Money) with SN: BS150784 together with two (2) pcs one-thousand peso (P1,000) paper bills with SNs: FA293438 and PG165842, for a total worth of Two-Thousand Two Hundred pesos (P2,000); and c. Other pieces of Non-Drugs evidence

          After documentation, inventory and markings, the arrested suspect together with the purchased, recovered, seized and confiscated drugs, drug paraphernalia and other pieces of evidence were brought to Bongao MPS for further investigation and proper disposition.