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RADJA BUAYAN, MAGUINDANAOThe Joint Operatives of Radjah Buayan Municipal Police Station and 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company of Maguindanao Police Provincial Office arrested thirteen (13) drug personalities at Barangay Malibpolok, Radjah Buayan, Maguindanao on October 22, 2020 at about 5:35 in the morning.


Radjah Buayan Municipal Police Station identified the suspects as Dali D Keson, Rasty Lucas Lumenda, Tong D Pendatun, Daud Makakua, Wawie Adam Mangelen, Rowelty Kayduan, Tong Lepolis, Noni Minis, Umbra Balutintik, Jen Talembo, Ali P Nakan, Basit Angas and Rustom Adtog, all of legal ages, males and all residents of Radjah Buayan, Maguindanao.


In the report of Police Captain Zukarnain O Kunakon, Chief of Police, Radjah Buayan Municipal Police Station to Police Brigadier General Samuel P Rodriguez, Regional Director of Police Regional Office Bangsamoro Autonomous Region disclosed that this PNP Anti-Drug Operations resulted to the confiscation of Eleven (11) heat-sealed transparent sachet containing white crystalline substance believed to be Amphetamine Hydrochloride known as “SHABU” under the possession of the suspects. PNP operatives also recovered three (3) pieces of improvised tooters, two (2) pieces of cellphones, two (2) pocket Wi-Fi and assorted playing cards uses for illegal gambling.


The arrested suspects are now in the custody of Radjah Buayan Municipal Police Station for documentation while appropriate charges are set to be filled against them. The confiscated evidences will be turned-over to Regional Crime Laboratory Office for laboratory examination.


Meanwhile, Police BGen Rodriguez lauded the operating units for their relentless efforts in eradicating illegal drugs and criminalities. He also encourages the public to support the Anti-Drug Campaign of the Philippine National Police through denouncing this illegal activity and report any suspicious activities in their area that involves drug peddling and abuse.